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mmmmmm, megan! ([personal profile] contradiction) wrote2009-05-22 01:04 pm
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haven't checked LJ but i'm going to guess this is circling around everyone's Fpage

i just want to... LOL

in the kindest manner possible.

i love you boys, and i LOL a lot. i don't even know what i think. other than taemin, oh my god, is that you? and minho! i like the hair behind ear. jonghyun's going for fierce. um. key and onew, A+++ as usual. oh, also! did anyone notice that they changed from tight shiny pants to BRIGHTLY COLORED TIGHTS? well their pants look like tights anyways. or maybe i'm just spouting crap baww ;_; anywaysssss. um. yeah.

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+ side note: i really love this lady gaga album

[personal profile] xcorpusdelictix 2009-05-22 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Holy shit! Taemin's hair! I want to cuddle it.

They are looking gooooooood.

/totally pedo moment.