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mmmmmm, megan! ([personal profile] contradiction) wrote2011-07-15 11:35 pm

the boy who lived, come to die

so i saw harry potter and the deathly hallows part two today, unfortunately i couldn't go to the midnight premiere because my parents think harry potter is for The Very Dumb And Uneducated mass but WHATEVER i love hp with all my soul :(

i feel like i left a part of my soul in that theater (lol horcrux?!?!?!?) but i'm really glad i got to watch it surrounded by people cheering and crying and yelling with me the entire time. FELT LIKE HOME ;___;

basically, i just walked out of the theater with a giant amount of love for everyone. i was thinking while watching the movie of a list: ron, neville, narcissa malfoy, snape, but then the list just kept expanding and expanding and really i just love everyone and i want to write essays on everyone and they would all look like this: THE MALFOYS AND NARCISSA TAKING DRACO WITH HER AND RUNNING NOT EVEN LOOKING BACK AT LUCIUS WHO CAUSED THEIR FAMILY'S ISSUES IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE SHE IS A MOTHER AND DRACO IS HER SON HER BABY BOY AND SHE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN HER POWER TO PROTECT HIM EVEN ASKING HARRY POTTER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FORBIDDEN FORREST crying into my hands

also i ship ron/hermione so hard i totally screamed get some when they got some

so yeah, it's the end of an era etc etc. honestly i'm too numb to even cry, i cried in the theater but i didn't cry as much as i did in dh part 1 and i'm not sure why, maybe just because i felt more numb than anything :( i'm comforted by the idea that this universe will always live on even if the books are done, the movies are done, and maybe one day the fandom will be done too. but i can always crack open a book and relive it, listen to the notes of the theme music and relive it, think about magic and relive it.

i guess i just wanted to say something to memorialize this date and to remind myself that the child in me will always have a home in hogwarts ♥